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Help Ministries provides ministry assistance to independent Bible and Baptist churches, and church related ministries.

Relational Leadership Development

Focus On The Mission

Our purpose is to help individuals, churches and Christian organizations to better understand the dynamics of personality and behavior styles and to use this information to build better interpersonal relationships and improve communication.

To accomplish this goal, we offer workshops and seminars as well as person-to-person coaching.

Focus On The Ministry

Education – Our aim is to help people understand their own behavioral motivations and personality preferences, to understand other people's behavioral motivations and personality preferences, and then to apply this knowledge in their own inter-personal relationships, i.e.,

·        enhancing communication,

·        promoting healthy stress man.agement,

·        creating effective leadership, and

·        addressing conflict styles.

Coaching/Training – Applying the knowledge and tools acquired in these seminars/workshops sometimes requires some individual coaching. As participants face various tasks and situations, they sometimes may tend to second guess what they have learned as they start utilizing the materials presented in their real world environments. They just need some encouragement, affirmation, and suggestions. We are available to assist as needed, especially as they discover the wide variety of applications that are now possible to them (i.e., help in hiring, placing people in the right jobs, etc.). Pastors will find the information provided in these seminars to be very helpful in their counseling ministries as well.

Workshops/Seminars – The seminars that are offered to churches, Christian organizations, and businesses are Walk Thru the Bible’s

1.    Sharpening Your People Skills,
This seminar can be used for the whole congregation or for just the staff.

2.    Leadership Development,
Here, we build on the basic seminar with a focus on developing relational leadership. In other words, how do we lead others based on their personality needs?

3.    Team Building.
How do we put together a team that not only gets the job done but works together like a well-oiled machine?

The Sharpening Your People Skills also works as a one-day workshop for any business (in fact, it is used by the US military).

While the seminar workbooks are primarily published by Walk Thru the Bible, we also use materials from other organizations and authors to enhance the participants' experience and understanding of this practical and simple behavioral/personality analysis tool.

Focus On The Minister

Rev. Clifford Norton, Jr’s career has focused on working with & through people, building relationships, & communicating with others. Trained/Certified (1998) through the Institute for Motivational Living & Walk Thru the Bible in the use of a behavioral/personality analysis tool designed to enhance inter-personal communication & relationships. This tool is applicable to all areas of life. I have used it to improve both professional & personal relationships.

Cliff specializes in public speaking, training, coaching, mentoring, people skills, relational leadership, workshop and seminar presentations, leadership development, administration, organization, team building, and interpersonal communication.

For additional information contact:

Rev. Clifford M. Norton, Jr.
Ministry Associate
8 Pettegrow Point Road
Machiasport, ME 04655-3338
(207) 255-6453

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